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True Narra, your source of psychotherapy in Frisco, Texas, is an expression of hope that we can live a compelling story that reflects who we truly are in both our strengths and struggles. Your start point for therapy may be the desire to maximize your relational growth potential, or it might be to develop successful ways to cope from the middle of life’s inevitable hard seasons – often accompanied by anxiety, depression, loss, or addiction. The ultimate goal of your True Narra counseling is that you gain more personal insight, emotional wellness, and relational wisdom.

We invite you to choose from the following paths:

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Relationship Health

We all want to feel connected to and cared for by our family, friends, and intimate partners. When we feel disconnected over things like communication issues, jealousy, or value differences – we react – and often in ways that increase conflict. You can improve your communication, rebuild trust, and increase your emotional awareness that help you maintain healthy, life-giving relationships through psychotherapy in Frisco, Texas. Get started.

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Mental Health

The unsettling impact of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and bipolar disorder can feel overwhelming. Gaining insight into the uniqueness of our personal struggles and resourcing ourselves is the key to leading a successful life. We help put the clinical pieces and coping skills in place that support your challenges. Get started.

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Grief and Loss

Grief is a normal human response to losing someone or something. It often feels like your emotions are in a repetitive cycle of shock, confusion, anxiety, regret, anger, and sadness. The journey through grief is an emotionally heavy and sacred process of letting go and building anew. As a companion to your mourning, we can navigate your transition through life after loss. Get started.

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Addiction and Substance Use

Our aim is to help clients discern for themselves the impact of drugs and alcohol in their life, and how to establish necessary changes that improve their relational and physical health. We explore the addictive cycle, and common issues that present with addiction - like codependency, grief, shame, and family of origin dynamics. Together, we co-create a plan to establish lasting recovery. Get started.


Family Crisis Support

We want our loved ones to be healthy, happy, and moving forward in life. If addiction and mental health struggles escalate to a point where exploring outside help is necessary, the last thing we want is to create even more problems. We can thoughtfully guide your family and equip everyone with the resources they need to thrive again. Get started.

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Individual, couple, or family intensives are a way to approach issues that may need greater attention than a weekly rhythm can address. Stepping out of your normal routine in order to focus fully can generate next-step clarity and healing of significant relational wounding. One or more days of therapeutic work will be planned to address your specific needs and goals. Get started.

For more information or to request an appointment, please complete the form below. I typically respond within 24hrs and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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