Drinking and drug abuse may help numb the negative feelings of stress, trauma, and relationship issues. The euphoria and physical effects may make us feel better and psychologically it might feel like a boost of confidence and improve our self-esteem. Socially, drinking is often connected to celebration. The truth of the matter is: there are reasons to drink, reasons to moderate, and reasons to quit…AND there are more effective ways to cope and connect.


Here are a few reasons others investigated the addiction and substance use path:

  • I tried to quit on my own and realized I need help to have lasting success
  • It was finally time to deal with the reasons I was drinking in the first place
  • The cost to health, marriage, finances, and employment were becoming too great
  • The people who care about me expressed concern and encouraged me (sometimes passionately) to get curious about this issue.

Your True Narra path is designed uniquely for you, and follows these essential steps:

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