How Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders Coincide


Having a substance abuse issue and a mental health disorder is called a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. When a person has co-occurring disorders, both the addiction and mental health issue can have their own unique symptoms that can affect the person’s ability to function.

Getting the help of a therapist in Texas can enable them to take their first step to treatment. Do you have a loved one showing signs of alcohol or drug addiction along with a mental health disorder? What are the signs?

  • They use alcohol or drugs to cope with unpleasant memories or feelings, control pain or the intensity of their moods, face situations that frighten them, or stay focused on the task.
  • They resort to alcohol or drugs when they have certain episodes where the symptoms of their mental illness manifest.
  • They have a family history of relatives or family members with either a mental health disorder or substance abuse.
  • They show signs of mental health issues when they are fully sober.

If you’re loved one is showing any of these signs, psychotherapy in Frisco, Texas can be beneficial for their mental health. The therapist can evaluate their condition, come up with a personalized treatment plan, and guide them through their road to healing.

True Narra Counseling provides psychotherapy and counseling services in Texas to help individuals with co-occurring disorders overcome substance abuse and learn how to cope with their mental health disorders healthily.

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